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Earth day

April 22, 2012

Today, April 22 is Earth day, yesterday I uploaded a video of my new model plane, it hasn’t flown yet but it consumes alcohol and oil to stay in the sky.
We talk about new launches, flying of giants and breaking records with the feeling of honor and … “burning millions of gallons of fuel just in a short time! but today I’m going to write:

I love you my Earth!!


Oil well

March 29, 2012

Just near Kazeroon, Fars, Iran you can find an oil well!! My father told me that it was drilled when he was just a child but it doesn’t worth to extract oil from there because that’s a heavy crude oil supply and of course the amount is not large enough. But I think private sector in future can continue the program. Now that’s sealed and not so far from the city.
I don’t know any more detail about that and could not find it in internet also!!!

The region around the oil well has an awesome nature specially in spring I can compare there with heaven. When I go there, When I breathe the air I feel a kind of mysteriousness I don’t know why!!!

Again the old conflict industry an nature I also just like many other people love both, I’m going to be an engineer for rest of my life, I love cars, planes, even I love war crafts but …!!
Not too far from the oil well you can find some other small workplaces and they use mountain’s rocks to produce construction materials. I can see the effect so now imagine what would that heaven be when huge oil industries go there!!

I don’t know!

Biking video

March 28, 2012