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Biking video

March 28, 2012


Kish island

March 13, 2012

In January I had a solo 2 day travel to Kish island to take TOEFL exam. Kish is a beautiful reef island in Persian Gulf!! I have traveled to some places in the world such as Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, … and now I can say Kish is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!

Humid and hot weather of the island in nearly 3 seasons of the year caused the oeople to wake up too late there but I didn’t do that I woke up at 5:45 AM and went to the beach! Almost no one was there, even I could just hardly find some body to take me some pictures . In the time of my travel the weather was cool but that was too humid as when I wanted to take a pic and took my iPhone out of my pocket in a second that was covered with dew!!

After some time in beach I walked to one of the island’s beautiful shopping centers to buy an action man for my little cousin and some thing for my brother, finally I did!! I bought a small 3ch indoor RC heli for my brother!

That day I had an apple pie and ice coffee for my breakfast then a large hamburger for lunch I also bought some clothes as Kish is a free trade zone with out any import taxes and etc.

next day I took TOEFL in Kish international university now I know that I passed it but at the moment I had some kind of stress but anyway just after the test I went to the sports wharf (if I’m translating true from original Persian word) and rented a bicycle to start a 2 hour journey around the island! That was great I will return there to do it again! This time I’ll finish the island’s coastal bicycle road!!

Coastal bicycle road

I flew back to Shiraz later that night but as I said I’m sure I’ll go back there again!! It’s an awesome place for scuba diving and other sea sports. I originally come from a port city of Persian gulf named Bushehr but the waters are 100 times more beautiful in Kish, maybe that’s because of reefs!!!