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Nooshabad underground city

April 17, 2012

More than 500 years ago when Mongols started an attack to Iran, people in Nooshabad (a small city near Kashan, Iran) dug a series of tunnels under the city! They used it to supply food, water and any other life infrastructures during attack with out the need of going out of houses!
Many houses had an intrans to the underground web!! You cand find some water and food stores there.
If I’m right they were as deep as 70 meters a little more or less, they are actually grate to see!!
I was there last summer in a travel to center of Iran (Kashan, Chadegan, Abyaneh, …), if you like I can add my other stories too!!
you can see a clip of that in my YouTube and here are some pictures also:


Derak mountain

March 10, 2012

last Friday I and two of my best friends had a half a day mountain climbing in Derak mountain, Shiraz, Iran. We went not too early just at 6:30 am, that was my first time in this mountains! As Armin and Maziar are sportsmen I can say they were running up and I was with them too so …!!

We climbed through a beautiful valley that I think if the weather changed to rainy we would be all dead but you could not see even one part of cloud in the sky …

We went further for nearly 2 hours then stayed to have a breakfast! After eating; our coming down was so different from professional climbers! we were almost skying on the slope! Anyway although that was dangerous, I personally would like to do it again!

have fun

Here are two pictures: