Gold Fish

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Here in Iran, people are welcoming our new year, at this time we keep gold fishes so you can find them every where in the cities!! In the photo you see an aquarium in Shiraz full of them, I thought it had made a good view; what do you think?!


Nooshabad underground city

Posted March 14, 2012 by barzin
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read about a mysterious underground city in Iran in my blogger blog:

Kish island

Posted March 13, 2012 by barzin
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In January I had a solo 2 day travel to Kish island to take TOEFL exam. Kish is a beautiful reef island in Persian Gulf!! I have traveled to some places in the world such as Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, … and now I can say Kish is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!

Humid and hot weather of the island in nearly 3 seasons of the year caused the oeople to wake up too late there but I didn’t do that I woke up at 5:45 AM and went to the beach! Almost no one was there, even I could just hardly find some body to take me some pictures . In the time of my travel the weather was cool but that was too humid as when I wanted to take a pic and took my iPhone out of my pocket in a second that was covered with dew!!

After some time in beach I walked to one of the island’s beautiful shopping centers to buy an action man for my little cousin and some thing for my brother, finally I did!! I bought a small 3ch indoor RC heli for my brother!

That day I had an apple pie and ice coffee for my breakfast then a large hamburger for lunch I also bought some clothes as Kish is a free trade zone with out any import taxes and etc.

next day I took TOEFL in Kish international university now I know that I passed it but at the moment I had some kind of stress but anyway just after the test I went to the sports wharf (if I’m translating true from original Persian word) and rented a bicycle to start a 2 hour journey around the island! That was great I will return there to do it again! This time I’ll finish the island’s coastal bicycle road!!

Coastal bicycle road

I flew back to Shiraz later that night but as I said I’m sure I’ll go back there again!! It’s an awesome place for scuba diving and other sea sports. I originally come from a port city of Persian gulf named Bushehr but the waters are 100 times more beautiful in Kish, maybe that’s because of reefs!!!


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As last few months I was too busy I could not work a lot on my model plane but now I just have to cover my main body and assemble the engine and radio control set. It can take just a few day but I don’t think I do it soon because of our new year that just begins in a few days.
Maybe I decide to sell that after completed, anyway that’s a nice 25-30 size model plane. As you see I covered wing and tails in yellow and I have chosen red for main body. What do you think?!

Derak mountain

Posted March 10, 2012 by barzin
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last Friday I and two of my best friends had a half a day mountain climbing in Derak mountain, Shiraz, Iran. We went not too early just at 6:30 am, that was my first time in this mountains! As Armin and Maziar are sportsmen I can say they were running up and I was with them too so …!!

We climbed through a beautiful valley that I think if the weather changed to rainy we would be all dead but you could not see even one part of cloud in the sky …

We went further for nearly 2 hours then stayed to have a breakfast! After eating; our coming down was so different from professional climbers! we were almost skying on the slope! Anyway although that was dangerous, I personally would like to do it again!

have fun

Here are two pictures:

how to make an RC airplane

Posted November 27, 2011 by barzin
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I will add a series of articles teaches you how to make an RC model airplane, they’re essential ways to start modeling!

Here I’ll teach you haw to make a plane body based on wood. First step is to get a model plane’s plan! You can find that online and then print in real size or you can ask me to send them to you through Comments for this post.
A normal map contains designs for: main body, wing, airfoils, ailerons, horizontal stabilizer and elevator and vertical stabilizer and rudder.
Then you’ll have to buy required materials that you should understand from the map, but to start your project you’ll need nothing rather than woods! Wood’s kind depends on the plane you have chosen but most of RC planes are made of balsa and plywood.
You can give me some information and then I’ll tell you what to use in each part also through comments. But for medium sized model plane I offer plywood for main body and balsa for rest of parts.
Start your plane with printing the main body’s plan on your wood using carbon paper, you should put carbon papers between your plan and wood then pushing a pen on the main body’s lines so you see the plan printing on the wood.
Now you should cut it with a cutter very carefully.



A video of Falcon 25

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