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Earth day

April 22, 2012

Today, April 22 is Earth day, yesterday I uploaded a video of my new model plane, it hasn’t flown yet but it consumes alcohol and oil to stay in the sky.
We talk about new launches, flying of giants and breaking records with the feeling of honor and … “burning millions of gallons of fuel just in a short time! but today I’m going to write:

I love you my Earth!!


Falcon is complete

April 21, 2012

today after a long time I finished covering of all parts of Falcon 25 model plane! here you can see a short video of that, just wait for more!

Nooshabad underground city

April 17, 2012

More than 500 years ago when Mongols started an attack to Iran, people in Nooshabad (a small city near Kashan, Iran) dug a series of tunnels under the city! They used it to supply food, water and any other life infrastructures during attack with out the need of going out of houses!
Many houses had an intrans to the underground web!! You cand find some water and food stores there.
If I’m right they were as deep as 70 meters a little more or less, they are actually grate to see!!
I was there last summer in a travel to center of Iran (Kashan, Chadegan, Abyaneh, …), if you like I can add my other stories too!!
you can see a clip of that in my YouTube and here are some pictures also: